Jessyn on the Issues


We all value clean air and water, toxic free products, open space, and great urban areas..  I care deeply about making the Puget Sound region a great place to live, and that means protecting human and environmental health. In spite of the progress we've made, there are great challenges ahead and I will fight persistent attacks on our state's environmental protections. We need a comprehensive approach that focuses on economic transformation, smart land use and transportation policies, and clean energy investments. As a legislator, I would champion environmental protection, with the following priorities: ... [Read More]

Land Use and Transportation

My professional career of the last decade has been devoted to making our neighborhoods and cities livable and people-oriented.  At WashPIRG and at Transportation Choices Coalition, I spearheaded a number of successful policy efforts to improve local and state planning to put in place policy frameworks to guide budgetary decisions.   Most notably, we reformed state transportation planning guidelines to change the measure of success for a transportation project from how focusing on the movement of single-occupancy vehicles, which necessarily results in wide, multi-lane roads and highways, to focusing on the movement of people and goods, which results in the use of a variety of transportation tools like ... [Read More]


The key to economic development is job creation. That means growing our diverse economic base, supporting our small business owners, and encouraging creativity and innovation. If elected to represent the 46th District, I will passionately promote economic development policies that make Seattle a great place to live for all of us, at all income levels. Specifically, I support: ... [Read More]

Health and Family Planning

All of us deserve quality, cost-effective health care.  We need champions who will stand up and defend our rights and freedoms for family planning and health care access and I will fight any threats to our progress or erosion of our rights. ... [Read More] 

K-12 Education

I went to public schools in Lake Forest Park and Shoreline, and attended the University of Washington.  My children will go to our neighborhood schools.  I am an ardent believer in public education and my decisions as a legislator would be driven by the following principles: ... [Read More]

  Higher Education

All students deserve access to a well-rounded education, but young people currently face major economic barriers to achieving their goals.  Twenty years ago, when I was a student at University of Washington, the state paid 70% of tuition costs. Since then, that amount has shrunk to only 30%, resulting in increased tuition, larger class sizes and fewer opportunities for student research and internships. Affordable education is a must if our state wants to see continued economic development. If elected, I will oppose cuts to funding for higher education, and will make this a priority in my first term.