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Known for bringing people together, I've moved the region forward on education, transportation and the environment. As a legislator I have advocated for expanding quality preschool for our neediest kids and government efficiency in our transportation system, fought to preserve bus service, advocated for living wages for all Washington workers, defended access to health care and family planning services, and held the line on environmental protections. If reelected I will continue to bring this energy and effectiveness to all the issues we care about.

Each of us has a role to play in building a strong, supportive community here in the 46th. With three young children in our household, my husband and I are passing on those same values of public service and community to a new generation. I need your vote to send me back to Olympia to fight for great public schools here in Seattle, access to affordable health care, and safe, efficient mass transit options. Please take the time to join my campaign for the Washington State House today!


Here are some of the people who have endorsed my candidacy